FAQ – frequently asked questions

What is AudiStream?

AudiStream is an online service from AUDI AG. Select a program and get exclusive insights into selected production locations, conveniently from anywhere in the world. Experience our factories live and receive information on many other exciting topics related to the Audi brand.

Where can I get further help?

If we were unable to answer your question here, please contact our AudiStream team.

Please email us at support@audi.stream and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are there charges for AudiStream?

No, AudiStream is a free service from AUDI AG. The only cost applicable are potential charges by your internet provider, depending on your contract terms.

How long does a live stream session last?

A live stream session on average lasts approximately 20 minutes.

The duration may vary slightly depending on the group size and the number of questions asked.

What happens with my data?

Your data will be handled responsibly in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applicable in the European Union. Personal data will be deleted without explicit consent after the end of a live stream session or we will provide feedback to you on this matter. For more detailed information on data processing, data evaluation and our cookie policy, please refer to our Data Protection Information and Terms of Use.

Is there a netiquette for communication in a live stream session?

Yes, we have an AudiStream netiquette for communication during a live stream session:

  1. Please keep in mind that there is a person at the other end of the connection. Therefore, please ask questions and make comments in a manner which you would approve of if they were addressed to you.
  2. Please note that although you can see the guide, for data protection reasons the guide cannot see you or any other participants. Your questions and comments should therefore be formulated in such a manner that allows the guide to clearly understand them without seeing you.
  3. Please take into account that other participants may join the live stream session. Your questions and comments should therefore be directly related to the chosen live stream program.
  4. When communicating via audio, please give the guide the opportunity to finish his sentence. Questions that may arise will potentially already be answered by the guide.
  5. Please let the guide answer other participants’ questions and comments.
  6. Despite their great level of expertise, our guides may not be able to answer all questions. Therefore, we ask for your understanding if we have to research your particular question, are unable to answer your question immediately or have to refer you to someone who can provide a suitable answer.

Can I ask questions during a live stream session?

Yes, you can ask questions during a live stream session. For live&talk you can do so via the audio channel, for live&chat please use the chat function.

What are the system requirements?

Please use Google Chrome for the best experience possible. We are working on optimizing AudiStream for other browsers as well as for iOS. AudiStream is suitable for desktop PC / Macintosh, laptop and corresponding sound output devices. In order to make the best possible use of AudiStream, we recommend wired Internet access with a bandwidth of at least 5 mbit/s. We also recommend using a headset for optional communication via audio. Some browsers by default request access to internal cameras. In this case, please rest assured that AudiStream will never access your camera or process any incoming image signals.

What happens if the connection is interrupted?

If the connection is interrupted, you can log in again for the duration of the live stream session with your personal live ticket number. This also applies when changing the connection or device you are using.

How do I solve technical problems by myself?

Generally: Please use Google Chrome for the best experience possible.


Problem: I am unable to join the live stream session, although it should already have started.

Solution: Please be patient, the guide will start the live stream session for all participants at the same time.


Problem: I can’t hear anything.

Solution: Please make sure your speakers are activated. Check the loudspeaker symbol at the bottom right of the screen of the player window. If you still cannot hear anything, please check the volume control of the device.


Problem: The guide and the other participants cannot hear me.

Solution: Please ensure that your microphone is activated. Check the microphone symbol at the bottom right of your player window.

You might need to allow the browser to access your microphone.

Please also make sure that you have registered for a live & talk session. Your microphone is deactivated by default in live & chat. In this case, please use the chat function.


Problem: I hear my voice or others twice, or whistling noises and echoes.

Solution: To avoid feedback, please use a headset for audio communication.


Problem: The picture keeps freezing.

Solution: Please check your internet connection. We recommend wired internet access with a bandwidth of at least 5 mbit/s.


Problem: Picture and sound are out of sync.

Solution: Please check your internet connection. We recommend wired internet access with a bandwidth of at least 5 mbit/s.


If we were unable to solve your problem here, please contact support@audi.stream for further assistance.

Do you have any more questions?

Contact the AudiStream team!